Life X

ø 50 blind burrs

Life X

Ceado are proud to launch Life X: the all-purpose grinder that, like a four-wheel drive, will lead you through every grind terrain taking you out of the coffee mud, swiftly, with taste and style.

... muddy-tasting coffee with the revolutionary Life X grinder!
Designed to give you the perfect grind for any brewing method, from espresso to filter, this grinder ensures that your coffee is bursting with clear, distinct flavors.

        50mm blind burrs crafted from high-grade steel

        The 50mm blind burrs offer a grind surface equivalent to that of 60mm burrs, while maintaining a compact grind chamber with minimal retention.

          The core is the technology used to design and manufacture the new X burrs: high-grade steel with a geometry conceived to deliver from tasty espressos, all the way up to crispy clean pour over filter brews, Chemex and even French press.

            The enhanced height of the grind chamber, coupled with the unique burrs geometry, reduces fines production as the grind setting gets coarser.
            Additionally, the brand-new flap design minimizes static, resulting in a clean brew with no muddy taste.

                  Ideal for home use, Life X features a user-friendly interface with two modes: programmable automatic dosing and manual dosing.

                    It comes with two interchangeable kits: a bean hopper and a single-dose kit (including a funnel, air pump, and cup).
                    Life X is available in four colors: Moka, White, Matte Black, and Aquamarine.

                      What's inside the box?

                        With precision engineering and a range of grind settings, the Life X grinder is truly versatile and can cater to all your coffee needs.

                            Life coffee grinder is the winner of Good Design Award by Chicago Athenaeum.
                            It is designed to enrich your spaces and your moments: easy to use, it will be your accomplice in experiencing the true pleasure of coffee, in a free, curious, complete and eclectic way. Discover new ways of making coffee, always with italian style and design.

                              Discover new ways to experience coffee!

                              Brewing coffee is a personal experience, allowing you to showcase your devotion, abilities, and passion. If you're unsure where to start, follow our grinding adjustment guide or dare to be different and trust your instincts, as the perfect method is uniquely yours.

                              Download your guide to coffee brewing methods


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                              Life X

                              • Voltage 220-240V - 50-60Hz
                              • Power 250W
                              • Rpm 50hz/60hz 1380 / 1650
                              • Average output (g/s)
                                calculated at standard
                                Italian Espresso Consistency
                                1,5 (50hz) / (60hz)
                              • Net weight 5,5 kg
                              • Gross weight 6 kg
                              • Dimensions 150 x 200 x 360h mm
                              • Burrs ø 50 Blind burrs hard steel 100 cr6
                              • Hopper capacity 250 g
                              • Grinding adjustment Micrometrical stepless
                              • Dose setting Digital
                              • Display Touch
                              • Start Pulse Button
                              • Note Additional voltage models available
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